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Withdrawing ED?

I applied to Wellesley ED. I absolutely adore Wellesley and can totally see myself being 100% happy there. I'm an avid equestrian and have competed all over the country. Because of this, several NCAA Division I schools have scouted me for riding, including Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, which is where I live. Before I knew about Wellesley, I'd always loved SMU. Anyway, I applied ED and on November 12, a letter of intent from the NCAA and a statement of full athletic financial aid (100% full scholarship) to SMU came in the mail. I had verbally committed to them back in June and had been told that the paperwork was coming soon, but it hadn't so I went off to Wellesley Fall OC, applied ED, etc. And then this!

If I get accepted to Wellesley, I can get out of my NLI with SMU because Wellesley is a Division III school and doesn't follow NLI guidelines. But, let's say I decide I want to go to SMU AND get accepted to Wellesley. How hard is it to get out of ED? The NLI is LEGALLY binding, but the ED contract to Wellesley isn't. Can't I just say that my financial aid package isn't enough? I know it won't be, since my horse is one of my assets and he costs about as much as a Wellesley education for all four years. Anyway, anyone have any answers?

Also, please don't flame me for this. I know how bitchy some of you can be.


I know how bitchy some of you can be.

LOL. The best way to stop people from being impolite to you is certainly to call them bitches before they even get a chance to say anything. I'll have to make a note of that one!

Anyway, since you asked: tl;dr.
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