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What you did to make guy friends


I was accepted ED (yay!) and have heard lots and lots about the fact that you have to put yourself out there in order to make guy friends/meet prospective boyfriends. I am outgoing and love to go out etc, so I don't see it as being a huge problem because I have a relatively good dating life, but what did you have do to in particular? I have heard of women meeting people through clubs and organizations, but what sort of things specifically?



I was lucky enough to have a cousin in the area, who was very involved in the Cambridge art scene. I went with her to a lot of gallery openings, and yes, that's how I met my first boyfriend. (I had always totally struck out in my mixed-sex high school). He was an artist in a group show with my cousin and a few others. He was so sweet and creative, and we just started talking... and we kept talking, for weeks... and eventually I kissed him.

Lately, the Cambridge art scene has quieted down a lot, due to a lot of factors. Harrison Avenue is where it's at now. On the first Friday of every month, all of the galleries have the openings for their new shows, and all the artists open up their studios. It's a good place to meet a cross-section of intelligent, interesting people, many of whom are male and in the appropriate age range. http://www.sowaartistsguild.com/ has more information.
My roommate met her future husband at an MIT/Wellesley mixer called the Sweetheart Dance. (Class of '76)


My friend met her fiance on MIT matchup (no joke!) back in her sophomore year and now (4 years later) they're getting married this summer :-)
I met a couple guys at MIT mixers and frat parties but it never clicked. Met another guy I dated for quite a while in the church choir (in the town of Wellesley). Met the one I eventually married through the medievalists' club, the Society For Creative Anachronism.
I'm '07 and just left MIT after two years of grad school there. I had a ton of male friends at MIT and Olin while at Wellesley. To meet them, I...
*took classes at MIT and Olin (key for meeting guy friends as it shows you've got a brain and are more than just a warm body in scant clothing at a frat kegger)
*UROPed (research) at MIT
*was on the Wellesley Sailing Team which practiced with MIT's team (as well as Brandeis and the Fenway schools)
*worked at the MIT Sailing Pavilion
*joined meal plan at pika for a number of years (then wound up living there as a grad student)
*lived in an MIT dorm one summer
*joined a few clubs at MIT
*spent an inordinate amount of time in East Campus and Senior Haus
*and did midnight unicycling and fire poi at Olin.

A number of friends attached themselves to fraternities: depending on how geeky you are, I recommend Theta Xi, ZBT, and tEp in increasing nerd order. There's also the Wellesley/Brandeis orchestra, numerous volunteering opportunities, classes at Babson and Brandeis, and ballroom dancing. Have fun! Avoid dating MIT grad students until you're at least a sophomore, unless you've got a high sketch tolerance.
Try taking math or computer science classes at MIT.
Or any classes at MIT really. Classes in courses 7 and 24 made me some friends I wouldn't have otherwise made(although no boyfriends, but that wasn't the point).

I made tons of guy friends at BU as well from clubbing. Still friends with some of them now (I'm class of 1998).
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