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Cinema and Media Studies


I recently applied for Early Evaluation, and Wellesley is my definite first choice (simultaneously anxious and excited for February!) and I'd like to have a little more information regarding the Cinema and Media Studies major. Does anyone have any experience with it? Teachers, content, everything-wise? Are there significant internship opportunities like there are for more established majors? It seems that its a fairly new major, so there doesn't seem to be much general information about it. 

I know that you have to declare a 'track' and that, if admitted, I would most likely be going through the production track (am I correct in assuming that this would focus mainly on the development and creation of student films? I love film history as well, and I know that will be incorporated, but I'm more interested in learning the actual art) so any info pertaining to that specifically would be tons of help as well. 

Finally, I would ideally like to double major in Political Science and Cinema and Media Studies. I've read in various places that double majoring makes it pretty much impossible to study abroad, is this true?

Anyway, sorry for the novel! Thanks in advance for any help you can give!



I was a CAMS major at Wellesley and I'll let you know off the bat that there are very few production classes. Most of it is history and theory and the "Film as an art" perspective as opposed to making films and learning about making films. It's not impossible to do that while being at Wellesley though. When I attended, there were only two production classes and not a whole lot of a faculty that cared to focus on that aspect of it. You could definitely do an independent study or thesis that required you to make a movie, I knew a few people who did that

I loved, loved, loved all my professors (even outside the CAMS department) except for one, but in four years there, that's not too bad.

If Professor Viano is there (and still the head of the department), I suggest having him be your First Year Adviser so you can let him know what you want your track to be. HE IS SO HELPFUL. But totally crazy and I love and miss him for that.

Good luck!
Double majoring and study abroad isn't impossible, as long as you plan way ahead and transfer credits back from your semester abroad.

For example - I went abroad and didn't transfer credits back (graduating in seven semesters with AP credits making up the difference) and still managed to take 20 classes in my major. If I had transferred credits back, I would certainly have had enough time to double major. It's all about knowing what you want and planning ahead.
My standard advice is not to double major, because nobody cares what you majored in, and there's no discernible difference between a Political Science and CAMS double major and a CAMS major with coursework in political science. Some people disagree, but I still maintain that for most career paths, nobody gives a rat's ass and you might as well not straitjacket yourself.

I turned my double major into a major + a very unrelated minor halfway through my junior year and it has really never mattered one bit.
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